Bottle booklet label sticker

Picture Description:

Bottle booklet label sticker,Multi-layer Label sticker, The booklet label is comprised of a booklet or pamphlet that is married to a pressure sensitive label. Sometimes people use the term Booklet Label to mean it's a stapled booklet rather than a pamphlet that folds out.

Material: PVC, PP. PET. Synthetic paper, Art coated paper

Adhesive: Strong, removable or part adhesive

Surface: treatment Hot stamping, UV finishment, Glossy or matte lamination

Folded requirements: Accept customizd requirements

Size Max Width:250mm, Max length:250mm

Delivery time :6-10 working days

Packaging :In sheets or in rolls

• We can made stickers for your fully custom-made, such as color, paper, and other process requirements can be customized.
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