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Printing by heidelberg and mitsubishi 4 color printing machines, we can produce high-grade and gorgeous-effect products, such as book, booklet, bible, brochure, folded brochure, catalogue, magazine, hardcover book, newsletter, paper handbag, box, large poster, flyer, folder, postcard, plastic card, envelope, notepad, business card and so on. Internet transmission file, logistics delivery whether you anywhere in the world, you can very easily enjoy our printing service through internet.

90% of our printing prices are lowest in the printing industry! For big orders, you can get around 40% off by choosing our service.

ZX China Industrial Limited was founded in 2003, with brand-new folio, double-color, four-color, five-color, 1+1 color printing machine, automatic pasting machines, disk plastic machines, beer machines and so on.

Since the establishment, we had been sticking to the enterprise conception of honesty, professional, excellent services.

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