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  • Direct-Imaging Presses 10-11-2013
    A printing press that uses a laser system to image plates directly on the plate cylinder is referred to as direct-imaging press. The first printing press with o…Read More
  • Cylinder Arrangements 10-10-2013
    Although the three-cylinder arrangement is the most common for sheetfed presses a number of other cylinder arrangements may also be encountered. Following is a…Read More
  • Single-Color Press 10-09-2013
    A press consisting of a single printing unit, with its integral inking and dampening systems, a feeder, a sheet transfer system, and a delivery is called a sing…Read More
  • Press Configurations 10-08-2013
    A variety of sheetfed printing presses are available. These presses can best be classified according to their offset press cylinder configurations (arrangements…Read More
  • Basic Systems of Sheetfed Offset Presses 10-07-2013
    A sheetfed press consists of a feeder, one or more printing units, a sheet register system including transfer devices to move the paper through the press, a del…Read More
  • Lithographic Plate Composition 10-06-2013
    A conventional lithographic plate consists of two distinct surface areas. The image areas are oleophilic, meaning that the surface will readily attract oily ink…Read More
  • Types of Lithographic Plates 10-05-2013
    Contact plates. A high percentage of today's commercial printing plates are made photographically using either negative or positive film. These plates are coate…Read More
  • Introduction to Lithographic Plates 10-04-2013
    There are a variety of plates used in lithography. Each type of plates may have characteristics that make it suitable for a given type of press or type of produ…Read More
  • Job Planning, Layout and Proofing 10-03-2013
    Job PlanningCommunication is conveying a message from one person or group to another. The content of this book deals with the use of printed images to convey th…Read More
  • Printing Technology, CTP printing 10-01-2013
    a. The new trend of development in prepress industry1. Conventional plate production featured by imagesetter, film and PS plate will not be able to keep its tea…Read More
  • Digital Workflow Would Become the Mainstream of Development in Printing 09-30-2013
    Digital Workflow Would Become the Mainstream of Development in Printing

    a. Speedy development of digital processing and internet information exchange
    All-dig…Read More
  • How to make your hardcover book bound? 09-07-2013
    Hardcover Book is a is a book bound with rigid protective covers , such as cardboard covered with cloth, heavy paper, or leather, Hardcover books are much more…Read More
  • CMYK Color Model 09-04-2013
    Color printing typically uses ink of four colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black). When CMY "primaries" are combined at full strength, the resulting "se…Read More
  • Terms & conditions 04-09-2013
    As a user of this website you acknowledge that any use of this website including any transactions you make is subject to our terms and conditions below, so plea…Read More
  • What type of printing process is used? 01-15-2013
    All products are printed by Heidelberg or Mitsubishi printing machines in full color. The full color process is an industry standard whose results can be seen a…Read More
  • What types of files are accepted? 01-15-2013
    The best file format to submit your artwork in is Adobe Acrobat - pdf
    Please ensure you have followed these steps prior to sending the artwork :
    1). Convert all…Read More
  • Artwork guidelines 01-15-2013
    - The resolution of your artworks should at least be 300dpi (300 pixels per INCH or 118 pixels per CM) to create high quality printing matte…Read More
  • Vector vs Bitmap formats 01-15-2013
    Vector artwork uses a series of 'points' to describe a shape, similar to a graph in mathematics. This ensures that any vector shape at…Read More
  • What resolution does my artwork need to be for uploading? 01-15-2013
    Your artwork should be created at 300 dpi (dots per inch) or higher. If your artwork is at a lower res…Read More
  • How to compress my artworks? 01-15-2013
    If you are using Windows, just follow the following steps:
    Select your artworks or folder and then right click. Highlight "Send…Read More