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In-Line Press

Posted on 11-05-2013 by Admin

The in-line press is the third commonly used type of wide-web press. Its color stations are separate, complete units horizontally mounted one to the other, and may be driven by a common line-shaft. In-line presses can be manufactured with any number of colors. This type of press can be easily designed to handle varius web widths, from narrow to extremely wide, since a single frame need not support all colors. The in-line press is commonly used in folding carton, corrugated post print and multi-wall bag operations, as well as in other special applications.

In-line presses are also common in narrow web widths for printing pressure-sensitive and standard label stocks, where they offer the advantages of quick setup and accessibility. This design is also used in those specialized areas where a specific product line may need a press designed for short runs.

The in-line press has the versatility to print on both sides of a given web by either turning the web over with the turning bar system or using alternate threading. They can be used to flood-coat where all-over coloring of absorbent materials is required.

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