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CPE plastic bags

We can provide fully customized CPE plastic bags for you, including custom shapes, styles, materials, colors, sizes, and any other processes.

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CPE is chlorinated polyethylene, which is a polymer material made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) through chlorination.

CPE bag has good dispersibility, better anti-oxidation performance than ordinary plastic bags, very good toughness and soft hand feeling. The conventional CPE thickness in the market is 0.035mm. Generally, there are ready-made raw materials, and the goods can be made quickly and delivered within 1 week. For large orders, more specifications and thicknesses can be customized, with a maximum thickness of 0.1mm, and materials with matte or smooth feel can be selected; Both sides are firmly sealed and not easy to burst; the packaging is neat and beautiful. CPE plastic bags are generally suitable for the inner packaging of mid-to-high-end products and are popular in the mobile phone market.

The CPE bag has good flexibility and is not easy to wrinkle and deform. The CPE bag feels softer and can effectively prevent surface scratches caused by friction between the product and the bag. It has strong anti-static properties and is widely used in general electronic products such as printed circuit boards. As an outer packaging, it not only saves costs, but also protects electronic products from damage to electronic components due to static electricity generated by friction between insulators. Oxygen-proof, moisture-proof and bright, it is a good packaging material, which is a new bag for electronic product packaging instead of traditional PE plastic bags.

CPE bags are widely used in jewelry, electronic components, optical fiber jumpers, mobile phones, headphone cables, data cables, chargers, batteries, circuit boards, electrical appliances, manuals, hardware accessories, glasses, screws, buttons, optical fiber parts, Resistor inductors, crystal chips, electronics, clothing, clothing accessories, food, stationery, toys, tableware, socks, daily necessities and many other fields.