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Apparel Boxes

We can provide fully customized Apparel Boxes for you, including custom shapes, styles, materials, colors, sizes, and any other processes.

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Apparel packaging boxes are mainly made of paper. Shirt packaging boxes and underwear packaging boxes are usually made of 250gsm CSI and grey manila board and are shear folding. This kind of packaging boxes is produced in short production cycle at low cost and is available for mass production.

More and more apparel packaging boxes are made of greyboard in recent years. Greyboard is mainly 1~3mm thick and the packaging boxes which are made of it are look more up-market for its high quality, so this kind of packaging boxes is usually used for expensive apparel products.

The standard production time for apparel packaging boxes is 7 days prior to delivery. Any questions and concerns about customized apparel packaging boxes, you can contact us, our customer support team is available 24hs from monday to friday.

We offer all of this customized service at a very reasonable and cheap price, we are your best choice, don't hesitate anymore, just contact us!