Shoe Boxes

In retrospect, shoe packaging box has developed greatly. It was designed simply in the past time, but it has become more exquisite, up-market nowadays. It is practical as well and has even replaced other material to pack things in families. It keeps on developing all the time, the environmental-friendly degradable plastic shoes packaging boxes has come into the market nowadays.

Types of shoe packaging boxes: female, male, children, sports, safety, etc.

Structure of shoe packaging boxes: corrugated board papering, cardboard papering, single lined board compression molding.

Shape of shoe packaging boxes: finished box cover heaven and earth, folding box cover heaven and earth, upper flap cover, up and down flap cover, etc.

Surface finishing of shoe packaging boxes: color offset printing, silk screen flexible printing, water-based printing, laminating, gold blocking, embossing, punching, etc.

Lots of relevant by products have come out with the development of shoe making and shoe packaging boxes production, such as shoe shopping bags, plastic bags, shoe stretcher, shoe label, shoe wrapping paper, etc.

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