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Sticker Printing

Sticker label printing also named as trademark printing because it is used to print trademark and label mainly. This skill prints with some specified composite paper which has to be prefabricated in paper factory. Usually, the printing stock is covered with a layer of adhesive sticker and then adheres to the release paper. The paper is impressed by cutter line after printing, and the spare part is stripped away, after this, the final presswork remains on the release paper. You just need to peel off the presswork and stick to the packaging or any other product. Metallic foil and film can also be used as printing stock besides paper.

Sticker label printing is used widely, it can be used in the field of food & beverage, daily groceries, appliance, stationery, price tag, apparel, fabric, medicine, cosmetic and so on.

We can provide fully customized Sticker Printing for you, including custom shapes, styles, materials, colors, sizes, and any other processes.

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