PE bags

PE is an abbreviation for polyethylene and is a thermoplastic resin obtained by polymerizing ethylene. In industry, it also includes copolymers of ethylene and a small amount of α-olefins; it is a transparent plastic bag that can be used for packaging of clothing, bags, and electronic products.

Polyethylene, with excellent low temperature resistance (the lowest temperature -70~-100°C), good chemical stability, resistance to most acid and alkali (not resistant to acids with oxidizing properties), insoluble under normal temperature Solvents, low water absorption, excellent electrical insulation; but polyethylene is very sensitive to environmental stress (chemical and mechanical), poor heat aging. The nature of polyethylene varies from species to species, depending on the molecular structure and density. Different production methods can be used to produce products with different densities (0.91 to 0.96 g/cm3). Polyethylene can be processed by the general thermoplastic molding method.

According to the production process is divided into: PE flat pocket, ziplock bag, clip chain bag, envelope bag, punching bag, hand bag, zipper bag, PE film.

1. PE flat pockets are the simplest manufacturing process. After being blown by the machine, the PE bag is cut into bags one by one and sealed at the bottom.

2. ziplock bag is blown by the machine with a bone, can be manually sealed. Unlike clip chain bag, these two types of bags are often confusing.

3. clip chain bag is made of PE film, plus 2 clip chain (this folder chain is a separate out) made of the bag, the bag generally has a wide indentation on both sides, while the ziplock bag does not. Zip-pocket printing has less color, while clip chain bags can print intricate patterns.

4. The envelope bag has a tongue like an envelope. A plastic strip is attached to the tongue and the bag can be sealed by folding it over. General clothing used more. There are courier bags that are actually envelopes.

5. Punching the bag is to make a hole in the top of the flat pocket to facilitate lifting the bag.

6. hand-pull handbag is to add plastic film on the top of the bag, easy to lift up the bag, this process is labor-consuming, the cost is relatively high.

7. The zipper bag is fitted with a zipper strip and a zipper cap at the bag closure.

8. PE film is the film that is not made into a bag after the machine blows out. It is also divided into a stretch film and a shrink film.

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