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Product Packaging Boxes

  • Corrugated Die Cut Folding Kraft Mailer Shipping Mailing Box
  • Custom Logo Corrugated Box
  • Cardboard product packaging boxes
  • Custom sound packaging color boxes
  • Custom toy product boxes
  • TV shipping packaging boxes
  • Electronic Box 5
  • Electronic Box 4
  • Electronic Boxes 1
  • Electronic Box 3
  • Electronic Box 2
  • Electronic Boxes
  • Electronic Box
  • Electronic Box 1
  • Electronic Box 11
  • Electronic Box 10
  • Electronic Box 9
  • Electronic Box 8
  • Electronic Boxes 6
  • Electronic Boxes 5
  • Electronic Boxes 4
  • Electronic Box 7
  • Electronic Boxes 3
  • Electronic Boxes 2
  • Electronic Box 6

We can provide fully customized Product Packaging Boxes for you, including custom shapes, styles, materials, colors, sizes, and any other processes.

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Packaging image places an important role in brand marketing. Color box packaging attracts more and more attention and has become the best choice for the enterprises because of its numerous advantages, such as easily processed and the exquisite effect it shows and so on. We are an expert in color box production, we provide you first-rate service, our high quality will make your product stand out above the rest, and last but not least, we provide you all of these at a reasonable and cheap price.

Electronic products common packaging is corrugated paper packaging boxes, greyboard packaging boxes, cardboard packaging boxes, plastic packaging boxes, etc..

1. Corrugated paper packaging boxes.
People call the corrugated packaging box with colorful printing or the white-paper packaging box as color box. No matter which one is named as color box, these two packaging boxes are widely use for electronic products packaging, because corrugated packaging boxes has shock absorption capacity and both of these two packaging boxes are produced at a low price..

2. Greyboard packaging boxes & cardboard packaging boxes
Greyboard is mainly 1~3mm thick, the packaging boxes made of it look upmarket as gift boxes. Greyboard packaging boxes are usually used for expensive products that are suitable for giving to others as gift besides personal use, such as learning machines, electronic dictionaries and so on.

3. Plastic packaging boxes.
Plastic packaging boxes are widely used for electronic products, especially for the easily-consumed products and the low-value goods used by lots of consumers, such as headset, U-disk and so on. You can hang the products in your stores, the plastic packaging boxes make them easily viewed and customers are often attracted in this way. The most important point is the cost, producing plastic packaging boxes requires low cost that can greatly reduce the packaging cost in the whole production.