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Rope PE bags

PE material is soft, elastic, not easy damage, good toughness and waterproof; Also can add anti-static function, the surface resistance is 108-1011 Ω, electrostatic free time is less than 2 seconds, can effectively avoid the built-in items damaged due to electrostatic accumulation, but also most dosage of plastic packaging and printing, the most important material.

HDPE: low pressure polyethylene, also known as high density polyethylene, made of soft plastic bags and transparency is a bit poor, but strength is good, suitable for packing the heavier and items of edges and corners.

PE bag features: good anti-static function, good vacuum effect, high transparency, good humidity resistance, tensile strength and durability thorn intensity is high, easy to heat sealing, sealing good, not easy ageing, etc. Can be word, design, trademark, etc.

• We can make Rope PE bags for your fully custom-made, such as shape style, material, color, size and any process can be customized.