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Synthetic Paper Stickers

Synthetic papers are specially treated plastic films designed to be used by most printing processes. Synthetic paper labels are matte white, high opacity polypropylene film which features good strength and durability as well as good moisture and chemical synthesis paper labels, white synthetic paper labels, white synthetic paper thermal transfer labels and custom printed synthetic paper labels.

Cosmetic Bottle Labels
Danger Warning Labels
Wine Labels
Electronic Products Labels

The synthetic face stock can be recycled and reused, and causes no harmful material or pollution to the environment. Special formulated top coating is suitable for printing with various types of ink.
Synthetic paper labels applications
Synthetic paper labels are waterproof, weatherproof, durability and tear strength. Whether your application requires extended outdoor durability, chemical resistance or tear resistance, our synthetic paper label is your best choice. Such as durable and waterproof wine labels, cosmetic labels, food and beverage bottle labels, car stickers, bumper stickers, caution labels, PAT testing labels and other outdoor products.

Synthetic Paper Labels Features:
Strong, Durability
Light Weight
Smooth Surface
Water Resistant, Weatherproof
Chemical Resistant
Heat Resistant to 80°C
Eco Friendly 100% Recyclable
Any size and shape
Glossy or Matte Lamination, UV Varnish
Finish in Roll or Sheet

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The artwork, size, quantity etc..

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• We can made stickers for your fully custom-made, such as shape style, paper, color, size and any process can be customized.