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Ink Anti-Counterfeiting Guidelines

Posted on 05-22-2024 by

The quality of ink directly affects the printing quality of printers. However, the importance of ink quality extends beyond that. Inferior or counterfeit ink can damage products and harm printing machinery. Therefore, companies and operators must be diligent and knowledgeable about ink anti-counterfeiting when purchasing and using ink.

1. Invisible Fluorescent Ink Anti-Counterfeiting

This method uses invisible fluorescent ink, which involves a simple printing process. Patterns or text printed with this ink are invisible but become brightly visible under UV light. It is easy to detect and widely applicable. However, due to its colorless nature, accurate alignment during printing is challenging.

2. Visible Fluorescent Ink Anti-Counterfeiting

This method uses visible fluorescent ink and also involves a simple printing process. The alignment and printing effect are similar to those of regular ink. Under UV light, the printed material displays an unusual brightness, distinguishing it from ordinary ink.

3. Thermochromic Ink Anti-Counterfeiting

This method uses thermochromic ink, which can change color with temperature. The ink can either change from colored to colorless or from colorless to colored. The temperature change can be high or low, and the change can be reversible or irreversible. This method features a simple printing process and easy detection.

4. Special Color Anti-Counterfeiting

Special color anti-counterfeiting is a significant anti-counterfeiting technology in soft packaging. Special colors are formulated by ink manufacturers or packaging companies using unique recipes, making them difficult to counterfeit. The hue is hard to replicate and generally cannot be achieved by mixing other inks. The cost is similar to regular ink, but it provides excellent anti-counterfeiting effects.

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