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Booklet label printing Knowledge

Posted on 03-14-2014 by Admin

A booklet label is one type of promotional label used for 'added content' labeling. These are used to add extra information to a label without increasing real estate or the 'footprint' of a label.

Don't be fooled by the name. These booklets are sometimes known as expanded content labels, multi-ply labels, foldouts and other names but they are all the same thing: multiple printed pages folded and combined with a pressure sensitive label and attached to your product.

How are booklet labels Used?

booklets or ECL's use pressure sensitive labels and printed booklets to create a multi-page information packet. This unique format allows you to communicate additional information in a reusable format. These booklets are excellent for use in multi-lingual situations, recipes or when detailed instructions/warnings are required.

RR Donnelley's INFOLD™(booklet) label, a pressure sensitive, multi-panel label specifically designed to increase your copy while decreasing overall packaging costs, can help you differentiate your products from your competitors. This innovative design allows you to incorporate all important product information and marketing copy into a single, compact label.

INFOLD™ labels can provide solutions for any of your multi-panel applications, including:

Are there different types of booklet labels?

booklets can be made to 'fold-out' or constructed with pages that can be 'flipped' through like an actual book.

Booklet Foldout Labels

What industries use booklet labels printing?

Any company who has limited product space and needs to incorporate additional info or wants to 'un-clutter' their label would benefit from a booklet label. Typical industries are pharmaceutical, food, health and beauty/personal care, chemical, and the lawn and garden industry.

What makes Label Impressions' booklet labels different?

The price is the difference! Label Impressions, Inc. has developed several unique, lower cost methods of producing booklet labels and expanded content labels and we pass the savings on to you.

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