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Advantages of UV Flatbed Printers

Posted on 05-10-2024 by

UV flatbed printers are specialized equipment tailored for flatbed printing within the UV printing machine domain. They utilize high-precision dual linear guides and employ grating-controlled printhead carriages to ensure high-definition printing on various flat substrates. UV flatbed printers outperform traditional printing methods in terms of precision and production efficiency. Additionally, they offer much greater flexibility in application, operation, batch processing, and printing production. Moreover, UV flatbed printers are cost-effective, expanding profit margins for businesses utilizing them.

1.Simple Process, Rapid Production

UV flatbed printers eliminate the need for traditional processing steps such as films, plate making, and plate exposure. Printing is done directly on the substrate, enabling quick image rendering with instant drying. Once printed, substrates can be stacked without risk of damage due to rapid curing of the printed image.

2.Flexible Production, Achieving Personalized UV Flatbed Printing

UV flatbed printers allow immediate switching of printing images during production, offering great flexibility. They also support white ink printing, enabling printing on substrates of any color. This expands the application space of UV flatbed printing, generating more business opportunities.

3.Saving Significant Labor Costs, Ensuring Employee Safety

UV flatbed printers are computer-controlled, requiring no heavy manual labor. They fit into automated industrial workflows, ensuring safety and simplicity. Only one operator is needed to complete all tasks, making operations safe and efficient. Moreover, UV flatbed printers use eco-friendly UV inks, free from harmful substances and odors, ensuring employee safety.

There are two types of UV flatbed printers: belt-fed and platform suction. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Users can choose the UV flatbed printer that best suits their industrial chain format. Shanghai Shixiu Electromechanical possesses a comprehensive and complete independent product development center, dedicated to developing and producing various industrial digital printing system equipment and providing system solutions.

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