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Artwork guidelines

Posted on 01-15-2013 by Admin

- The resolution of your artworks should at least be 300dpi (300 pixels per INCH or 118 pixels per CM) to create high quality printing matters. If your image contains texts, we suggest you use higher resolution artwork up to 600dpi.

- Bleed: 3mm for books, folds, paper handbags, posters, flyers, folders and cards, 5mm for boxes.

- Before creating PDF files, please create outlines for all the fonts, or attach the TrueType TTF fonts you used in the artwork, as we do not print directly from the PDF files)

- Texts in image files (JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG) will not be printed as sharp as other formats with text layers like CorelDraw, Illustrator, Photoshop, PDF, Freehand, Indesign... We suggest you send us your source files with texts layers to us to get better printing result. If you do not have the source files, please use higher resolution artwork up to 600dpi.

- If you have used special fonts (or Mac fonts), please send the TrueType TTF font files to us as well, to avoid any font problems, please transfer the texts into vector paths (create outlines).

- Important Note for embossing : 1) For larger size characters, these can be numbers only, with the maximum on one line of 19 characters with no spaces. 2) For smaller size characters you can have alpha-numeric characters from a semi-limited set, the maximum on one line is 26 characters with no spaces. 3) Please be aware that to have 3 or more lines of embossing, or to use the full line of characters with no spaces, may result in the finished card bending and being slightly scratched.

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