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Kinds, Sizes, And Weights Of Paper

Posted on 11-22-2013 by Admin

Some of the most common printing papers are bond, book, cover, bristol, newsprint, duplicator,
and mimeograph. User for each of these kinds of paper and information about their basic sizes and basis weights are included in, Figure 5-6.

Common kinds of paper

Basic size is the standard sheet size in inches. This size is used by the paper mill to compute the weight of each kind of paper. Note that the basic size is not the same for all kinds of paper. Also, paper in sizes other than the basic size given is usually available from the mill.

Basis weight is the weight in pounds of a ream (500 sheets) paper cut into its basic size. Paper is often referred to in terms of its basis or ream weight: 20-pound bond, 50-pound book, etc. Each kind of paper will usually the available in several different basis weights.

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