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How to make your hardcover book bound?

Posted on 09-07-2013 by Admin

Hardcover Book is a is a book bound with rigid protective covers , such as cardboard covered with cloth, heavy paper, or leather,  Hardcover books are much more durable than paperbacks, which have flexible, easily damaged paper covers and glued spines.  hardcover book's cost relatively high than the paper-back binding book. Usually used for the printed books demanding of: consisting of more pages, frequently read, keep and storage in a long time, demand more beautiful and more important. Meanwhile, its front cover and back cover also require the material of hard quality or semi-hard quality. From the appearance, the hard-cover form can divide into the round back, square back and soft.

Hardcover with square back:

Square back hard-cover also called flat hard-cover, similar to the round back hard-cover, but a little different in the back: it's flat not round. In the case of changing the paper-back into hard-cover one or when the pages are all separated, only can become the flat one no line. Such books are usually used in library for storing a long time.

Hard-cover with round back:

Hard-over with round book, is the way that the hard-cover book's back bind in the shape of round or arch round.

This kind of catalog books binding way, can help the book cross over and convenient to browse, increase the firm degree of the core books.

Soft hard-cover:

Soft hard -cover, is the way for lighter of books weight and convenient to browse, change hard one into soft one, namely replace the thicker cardboard on the general hardback with thinner cardboard. It is generally thicker with the books that are often browsed, for example various kinds of reference books, multi-purpose note book.

Hard-cover, always designed for classical work, academic work, important historical data, album, picture collection, reference book, etc. Most hard-cover use the hard cover book shells(boxes), some still add the book jacket, all have a better protection the book in the core. Due to the hard-cover book is carefully-selected in material and the craft is complicated, the cost is higher than the paper-back binding book. The hard-cover book has already belonged to the top works of the books, to some books, in order to improve its reserve value, even adopt and put luxuriously, not only bind design beautifully, it is superior to chose the materials. But this is highest grade in the books after all and a little rare.

Recently, binding form is developed from traditional line into paper-back binding hard-cover, including books' format, the script, fonts, covers, lining papers, title page, layout, insert and the illustration that the big change on the book stated before. For example, the format of the books is becoming more regular; the design of the front cover is more colorful,the form of the layout is more various, the format add more both pictures with texts, The use of the punctuation mark is becoming riper, the font is influenced by the west too, develop in the direction of beautifying.

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