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Binding Printed Materials

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Sheets of paper may be bound together in several different ways. The most common methods include: saddle-wire, side-wire, sewn soft-over, sewn case-bound, adhesive, mechanical, and loose-leaf binding.

SADDLE-WIRE BINDING. The saddle-wire method of binding, Figure 6-22, uses wire staples as the fastening device. These staples pass through the back of several pages that have been assembled and folded. A cover may or may not be included. Thin booklets and magazines are often bound by the saddle-wire method. Materials bound in this manner will lie flat when open.
Saddle-wire binding. Materials bound in this manner lie flat when open

SIDE-WIRE BINDING. The side-wire method of binding, Figure 6-23, can be used to bind thicker booklets and magazines. Wire staples are the fastening device. This time, however, the staples pass through one edge of the assembled pile of pages, materials bound in this manner will not lie flat and will have to be held open.
 Side-wire binding. Materials bound in this manner do not lie flat and have to be held open

SEWN SOFT-COVER BINDING. The sewn soft-cover binding method is illustrated in Figure 6-24. Binding thread is the fastening device. The thread is sewn through holes punched in the center fold of a signature or through one edge of an assembled pile of pages. Several signatures may be sewn together using this binding technique.
Sewn soft-cover binding. Binding thread is used to hold the pages or signatures together

SEWN case-bound books. Sewn case-bound books will up under hard use. This method of binding is illustrated in Figure 6-25. Individual signatures are first sewn together with binding thread then encased between hard covers made from binder's board and cloth other durable material.
Case binding. Books bound in this manner will stand up under hard use

ADHESIVE BINDING. Adhesive binding, Figure 6-26. An adhesive or padding compound is used to hold the assembled sheets of paper together. notepads, telephone books, pocketbooks are some products bound with adhesive.
Adhesive or perfect binding. Sheets of paper are held together by a flexible adhesive

MECHANICAL (SPIRAL) BINDING. Plastic combs and wire can also be used to fasten individual sheets together. The plastic comb or wire is inserted through holes that have been punched along one edge of the assembled pile of paper, Figure 6-27. A machine used for punching paper and inserting plastic combs is shown in Figure 6-28.
Mechanical binding is accomplished with plastic combs and with wireA mechanical binding machine is used to punch the paper and insert the plastic combs

LOOSE-LEAF BINDING. Loose-leaf binding methods allow for the addition or removal of pages from the bound material. Post binders, Figure 6-29, and ring binders, Figure 6-30, are generally used for this purpose.
Binding post type of loose-leaf bindingA ring binder is also used for loose sheet binding

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